First Birthday pictures!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

After waiting for our favorite Portrait Innovations photographer to come back from vacation, then waiting for munchkin to quit feeling yucky (not 100% on that yet!), we finally got her first birthday pictures done. While we were at it, we got some taken of Cami also.
She's "1"!
I taught her the "1" one, but daddy taught her the "oh no" one!
I made the last dress for her birthday, and this one is the one I wore for my first birthday pictures! I've been waiting for her to be able to wear it, and it's still a little cool for her to wear it all the time. It's an 18 month size, though, so I'm sure it'll be out more later. The birds make it my favorite from when I was little!

I had a similar picture taken for my first birthday-we'll have to show a comparison with my "mini-me"!

Now a few of Cami.

Girls together-we just almost can't ever get them to both smile at the same time! They had a good time playing together during these, though.

Sweet godsisters!
Those are the best of the 130ish we had taken!


Amber Harris said...

The pictures are wonderful. Elena looks like a very happy little girl. Hope you are feeling better!
You need to check out my friend's site, I think you would really like it.

David and Samantha said...

How precious. She is very photogentic! The pics are so good.

Griner Mom said...

Your pictures are so cute! I am Samantha's sister Ashley and I wondered if you minded telling me about how much were Elena's pictures. I am looking for a place to take my little girl Addison to for her second birthday and Samantha told me about your pictures. Looks like they did a great job. You can tell Elena is not afraid of the camera. So precious!

thelittletons said...

All these bday pics are so great- it looks like you had an awesome time. I am once again amazed at your culinary skills, Ashely. Those cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches look amazing!! And I love the farm theme.