12 1/2 months

Monday, February 11, 2008

Elena is so fun lately-she's super busy, but starting to mimic (finally)! This morning she was playing with Chris and saying "da-ddy, da-ddy", practicing. And, Chris was trying to teach her to pull down her arm and say "yes". She was walking around saying "yes?" like a question. The other day she said her first sentence-"hold dis" and handed me a washcloth.

Practicing "Oh no!"

She loves to do this now-I had three pictures in three different outfits of this pose this week.
Eating goldfish on the floor. I did attempt some non-flash, artsy-er pictures this week, so some of the regular shots this week are similar.
One of the pretty days this week-she was pretty frustrated after awhile that the rocks wouldn't come out of the pavement.

She got her hands so dirty-we played for a long time in the garden.

The next day was pretty too, so we went to Fountain City park.
As usual, she was only really interested in the rocks.

She was "helping" me unload groceries, and found this pear. I didn't think much about it, but she ate a lot of it and mauled the rest.

Carrying mama's workout shoes. We have to really watch where we put things, because we end up getting ready to go somewhere and can't find phones, keys, wallets, shoes, etc.
A picture of my new sourdough starter. I am learning, it takes FOREVER to get a starter really going, and takes FOREVER for sourdough to rise. It's on it's third rise now, and we've been working on this one loaf for 12 hours.
Tickling Leni
Avery and Nathan moved into their new house Saturday, so Mom kept Elena and Cami for several hours while we helped. They like each other so much now. Cami had Fairytopia in, and Elena loved watching too.
I bought these pjs on sale, even though they're kind of boyish. But, really, they say "I like to collect bugs" which is pretty funny on it's own.

That's it for the week!


Griner Mom said...

You got some great pictures of her. She is such a cutie and has so many cute dresses. It is so much fun when they start talking! I love every minute of it, even the repetitive "whys?" are cute. Thanks so much for all the information about Portrait Innovations. I think I am going to schedule her an appointment for next week. I appreciate you typing out all the details! Glad you guys had a good week!