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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I realized today that I've only taken 3 pictures this week, so hopefully I'll get on the ball soon and both take pictures and post them. We have had a big week, though, so I thought I'd just blog about her.

Monday was our last nursing session! She still really liked it, but was getting almost nothing from me anymore. Even though she always uses a sippy cup during the day, I've started her on a bottle at night and at breakfast because she won't snuggle with a sippy, but she loves to snuggle and have a bottle. And we both still need the snuggling!

Sourdough attempt #1 didn't work. Tasted ok, but was only an inch and a half tall. Sourdough attempt #2 is cooling in the breadmaker currently, but it looks like it worked. It's the cheater kind, I added yeast to the starter in the machine to make it rise faster, but it may just be that our house is drafty.

Potty: After reading the Littletons blog about starting Sam (6 weeks younger than Leni) on potty training (and that was awhile ago!), Chris thought we might should start Elena, citing their blog that maybe it would make them less anti-potty training if you started before the "terrible-twos". (they're also moving to Congo, so that's a whole different story line) We started today, and she has used it twice, and has not used it once! (well, for #1, anyway!). So, maybe it's not a bad idea...We'll see as it continues!

She said her first "put together words", which was "hold this", and has said "hey daddy". She says quite a few things now, but also has a few invented signs that she'll use, sometimes. We're going to start working on that more. The best one is all done-she raises her arms over her head.

Teeth: she has 8 fully in, but I was playing ride a little horsey, and saw that she has two molars coming in! They look terrible-no wonder she was fussy for two days! Since then, we've given her medicine, orajel, and teething rings, but they still look like they hurt.

Outdoors: It's been pretty the last few days, and we've tried to go outside more, but I have to change her often. If she's in a dress and falls and skins her knee, she won't let me know! I found out last time because her knuckles were bleeding! She is so cute though-and LOVES rocks-she got a ladybug purse from Mimi and Poppy for Valentines day, and has been carrying rocks in it. It makes the cute purse WAY cuter when she does that!

That's it for now, I guess. Chris is off work tomorrow, so we're looking forward to an extended weekend! Have a good week, and we'll try for more pics later!


thelittletons said...

Hey Ashley- yeah- Sam isn't using his potty these days either. I'm still enamored with the idea of starting him sooner and I've read that there are certain windows to try it in- one is from 6-9 months and another at 12 months and another around 18 months. I think that we tried it too late with Sam for that first window, so I'm going to start trying again either when we move (out of necessity) or a bit earlier. Sometimes I still try putting him on the potty, but he doesn't ever sit still even for ten seconds, so it makes it a bit hard. There are loads of books and resources on the internet with ideas though. And the principle makes so much sense to me- we're either training them to go in their diaper or on the toilet, but either way we're doing some kind of habituization (is that even a word?) One thing I've heard is to let them play with a special toy only when on the toilet. And then there's the whole running monologue thing to let them know what they're doing. :-)