13 months

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm helping my mom some with her new girl scout troop in Austin Homes, and they LOVED holding Elena.
For Valentine's Day, I put a kitten tattoo on her hand. She kept pointing to it-for three days.

Kitten tattoo, and her first handmade Valentine! This picture is the very first time that she understood that a marker makes a mark, and she can do it!
We bought her a potty, which I mentioned in a previous post. Which, she used those two times and never again...

Showing Samantha her kitten tattoo at Bible study.

She got bread out of the fridge, but we didn't know she could get it open. She did, and got herself a snack.

Rolling the ball with her head.
A medium nice day outside
John and Susan came to visit Friday and Saturday. Elena had lots of fun with them, and we got to go out to lunch alone! She was so pleased that she figured out that the puppet went on her finger, and could do it herself
Puppets! Also, this kid is going to have lots of new smocked stuff this spring! Susan and I got out all our smocking to show each other, and Susan brought a new one she bought. I was working on an Easter dress, but the one that she's making is just too precious not to use for Easter-it's perfect! So, I guess that's five new smocked spring outfits in all. Chris and I joke-Elena is by really, really far the best dressed one in our family!
Reading new books with Nana-they brought lots of new Easter books!

Covering everyone up with her baby bed quilt was a favorite pasttime!
Saturday we went to the mall playground just for an outing-she's getting very good at the Rush equipment!
She really loves to get out our broom, so I got out one mom gave her for Christmas. She loves to sweep.
Playing with the new purse from Nana, and wearing a new dress from Deedee! Deedee-we all loved this dress on her-she looked unbelievably sweet in it.
That's all for the week! I promised pictures, and here they are!


David and Samantha said...

I am glad tht you visit with Chris's parents went so well! I am sure they like your sweet rolls. Cute pics as always.