Our week: post 3 for the day

Friday, February 29, 2008

First I want to say congrats to our friends Dave and Samantha in our small group! They've been in the process of adopting from Japan and just received word that their baby girl was born Feb. 7 (I think) and they can go get her right after Easter! Lots of answered prayers there!

Last weekend after John and Susan's visit, we went to Avery and Nathan's house with their friends Travis and Michelle. Michelle made a really great, super easy dessert that I've already copied twice! Leni had fun playing with everyone, and their dog Sophie. Well, she was a little scared of Sophie, but she was super interested in her!

Being silly with daddy!
Susan suggested this-a tablecloth so she knows where to eat a snack. It totally worked-she walks in and plops down on it and waits for a snack, and it took one day to get it. Lots less cheerios all over the floor.
These are a little out of order. Chris took this the other day and said "like mother like daughter"-I was unloading groceries with her "help", and she disappeared. He found her in her room with a bag of chocolate chips, trying mightily to get into them. Oh man, at least she has good taste-60% cocoa Ghiradelli...
She's so big! 20 pounds=turned forward in her carseat!
Not that happy about her gloves...