almost 14 months

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I did finally get blogger to cooperate and let me upload pictures, so here they are! It's been nice and quiet here, and we just aren't taking as many as we were. I guess we're probably taking a normal amount now...not 100 a week. Little bit is pretty sweet-she just gets funnier as the weeks go by. These aren't in order-for whatever reason, they didn't load in order off the camera.

Playing outside a few days ago-and trying her darndest to sneak into Ms. Polly's yard with the rocks.
Rocking in mama's chair-she loves rocking chairs big and little now.

She loves to feed herself now, and it makes disastrous mess.
She doesn't really like bows once she realizes they're in her hair, but the other day she just kept handing them to me to put in.

Visiting Aunt Avery last Monday when Uncle Nathan was out of town. There are lots of kitties to chase there!
With some of the girls from girl scouts-Jamya, Heaven, and Chrissy.
Heaven is her favorite, and wanted to put this cupcake tattoo on. I did it, and Leni wasn't so sure.
She loves to "read" to herself in the car. I got a video of it the other day.
Last weekend (10 days ago) Nathan's parents came in town and met Elena for the first time. She had a good time at the park near their house.

We had an "emergency" shower for our friends, Dave and Samantha, who are leaving in 11 days for Japan to get their new baby girl, Kaori! We went to a Japanese restaurant for the occasion. It was lots of fun, and we won't be meeting for a few weeks, so a good opportunity to get together before our break.
Leni being VERY unsure about the hibachi fire...
Dave and Samantha
A Magpie cake, which is always amazing...

Saturday it snowed for the first real time, so we took an impromptu trip with Mom, Dad, and Cami to Townsend. It was pretty fun, and Elena liked it for a few minutes until she had a "what are we doing in the cold" look.

Cami making snow angels.

Here's where they start being really out of order. I don't know what the deal is. This is Leni carrying around an eggplant.
At the playground just a couple of days ago.
Back to the day at the playground with the Hawks and Ave and Nate. Doesn't this jacket make her look like a baby gnome?

Back to Townsend.

Poppy throwing snowballs
First time eating snow
Cami also trying the snow
Inside the Visitors Center in Townsend.

That's it for us! Hopefully, we'll have more pictures soon! Worse case-Easter is coming up, so I'm sure we'll have some more by then!


David and Samantha said...

Busy as always. It is good to see you out and enjoying the nice weather! I like that pic of Dave and I. That cake was so good! She is getting big!

Betsy said...

Hey, do you think your friends would mind if we read their blog ? (Samantha). Chad and I are considering adopting a daughter in a few years and I am always interested in hearing about others experiences.