14 months

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We have had a pretty nice few days this week. Here's Chris and Leni enjoying the new swing from Chris's dad. Mom, Avery, and Nathan came over last night for dinner, and mom came over early to watch Elena. She took a nap, and Mom woke her up. She was pretty snuggly while waking up.
Being silly with AVery and Nathan and all their green. Nathan's shirt says "Green shirts are for pimps".
Lots of zerberting going on last night.
This morning, on the way to get a shot for chicken pox because we thought she was exposed. She wasn't (though she was exposed to 5ths disease, so she may get that, so pray that she doesn't). Anytime I ask if she wants to go on a trip, she heads straight for the door. She is her mother's child.
Friday night we went out with my old college group to Big Ed's, then had a "shower" for LeeAnn and Willie, who expect a baby boy in the next several weeks. Joey tried on the nursing apron I brought.

LeeAnn (and baby) checking out Becca's diaper cake, which was super neat.
Leni feeding Jack snacks.
Playing with daddy
My landscaping-I told Chris that I am always either pregnant or nursing and, therefore, primary baby-watcher, and since I am currently neither, I was doing all the landscaping myself. I did two front flower beds, two garden beds, and two back flower beds, plus planted blueberry bushes.
She's gotten really into smelling flowers.

The group at Big Ed's-I got there early to be seated and didn't get seated for an hour. It was delicious, though.
Chad decorating for the shower.
Leni at the shower. This is a new dress I made her-I need to get a close up. It was going to be her Easter dress, but then Susan made one that is just too perfect!

That's it for now! Easter pictures next!


David and Samantha said...

You must enjoy gardening. I wish we could hire you to do our yard! I do not enjoy it. All the pics are great!