Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! trying to decide if mama is about to take delicious chocolate bunny away...
Starting with this morning (I promise, she does not eat chocolate almost ever, it's just every time she does, it's a huge mess and I take pictures!) Supposed to get up at 6:45, at 7:45 actually get up so Chris can be at worship rehearsal at 8 (or, as it ended up, 8:25) and needed time to get ready, shower, and get lunch ready for every one to be there by 1 when we get back from church. Kind of busy, so I let her eat 3 mini m and ms to keep her in her high chair. This is the result. 3. I don't know if she actually got any in her mouth.
After church we had lunch at our house with an Easter egg hunt and egg dying, and Easter gifts. Cami picked out her dress-she thinks it is "sassy". We agree! Here, she's showing off her Easter gifts from Mimi and Poppy.

I found these games for $4 at Target this week, so even though Leni can't play any of them yet, she and Cami both got Hi Ho Cherry-O, Chutes and Ladders, Memory, and Candyland.
Being Hannah Montana in the backyard
Playing with Uncle Nathan
Leni was asleep when people first got there, and through lunch. This is her Easter dress-Susan made it! It is so utterly adorable on her.

Leni and Mimi
I thought this was a sweet expression. This kid is so sweet-it's just almost unbelievable. We've just realized in the last few days that even though she's not talking much, she understands so much, so we've started asking specific things and she can do it. Like "can you pick up your paci?" or "hand mama the book please". She is so amazing every day.
The boys hid Easter eggs in the yard and both girls had a great time. We practiced finding eggs at Baby bookworms this week.

Cami and Leni were so sweet-they kept putting their eggs in each others baskets.

Dessert-it just looked too pretty to not include a picture of. Dad's mom always made coconut cake shaped like a bunny. I didn't do it this year, but it just doesn't seem like Easter without coconut cake. This one had coconut and lemon curd, and I made the bird nests because I happened to have kataifi (or konafa) which is shredded phyllo in the freezer. Doesn't everyone? I love Middle Eastern markets way too much. Anyway, they turned out super cute.
We took a few "family" shots in the yard. Not of the whole group-no one stayed around long enough to get one! Mimi, Poppy, and girls.
Erica and Cami-Cami was in a wiggle worm mood, but it's good of Erica!
Our crew

Avery and Nathan.
Dying Easter eggs-Cami didn't think she'd ever done that before.

Elena liked banging them together and trying to throw them. Luckily, they were boiled...
Cami showing off her eggs

That's the end of the Easter pics. Here's some more from this week.
Yesterday, I helped Fredda paint her room. All four of her walls had been different colors, so we were painting three light pink and one dark pink. It ended up that they had all been painted with latex the first time except one, and we didn't realize it. When we painted over it, the paint peeled off in sheets. Yikes. It was a huge mess. Anyway, Ave and Nate came to watch Leni for a couple of hours so Chris could help me, and they took some really sweet pics of Elena. I've put those below. And, in other news (but no pictures-we'll work on it!) I got my nose pierced. Back to the pics!

She LOVES to smell flowers lately. We were at Stanley's greenhouse the other day, and she found a gardenia and fell in love with it. So precious.

Trying to climb the fence with Uncle Nathan.

Sitting with Aunt Avery. Apparently, a few minutes after this the swing fell out of the ceiling and both Avery and Leni were a little teary.

A few from our trip to the park the other day. We went to Cherokee park, which isn't technically a dog park but might as well be. Elena was thoroughly enchanted with all the dogs and tried to get them to come to her or chase them down. She does this cute thing where she squats and waves for them, but it didn't come through on camera.
Elena and daddy.
Eating lunch at Panera with Aunt Avery Wednesday in the dress I made her.
And, to leave you with a sweet one.

Hope your Easter was as wonderful as ours!


David and Samantha said...

Sorry about the swing! The pictures are so sweet and I am glad you got to get outside some this past week and enjoy the warm weather! See you in a few weeks.

thelittletons said...

Man, oh, man Ashley- I just cannot get over your culinary creations. Like Elena's bday cupcakes and these easter treats! You are so amazingly gifted!!!

Betsy said...

Hey Ashley! So good to hear from you, your daughter looks just like you! It looks like she's close to the same age as my youngest- his bday is Nov. 15th. Saw some familiar faces on your blog, glad you found us!