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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Last weekend we made a couple of out of town family visits. And, sorry it's taken so long to post-this is Day #3 trying but blogger wasn't being helpful, and still made me load them all one at a time. And, not in order. Anyway.
First, we went to Chattanooga last week for Chris to work and for Elena and I to kill some time while waiting for him so we could all go to Atlanta. I always go to the Coolidge park side of the river, but thought that I'd try a few places on the other side that day. We tried Warehouse Row, which had nothing except a friendly dog in one of the two stores left in it, and we went to a paper store which was absolutely lovely. We took the free electric trolley and had a nice time car-seat-less, then went to Grayfriar's and had the prettiest mocha I've ever had and met a service dog and replacement puppy, which Elena loved. After Chris got off work, we left for Atlanta to visit Deedee and David and for Chris to see their amazing new/old house. It's older than ours (which is 80), but completely gorgeous and redone, and gives us lots of ideas for a "someday" house and a new passion for antique stores. We had a really great time visiting. Friday we ordered delicious food from a store in walking distance and wished we had such amazing things so close! (Chris had sweet potato ravioli with brown butter and sage, I had fried green tomatoes with caramelized onions and apple infused goat cheese. Um...amazing.) Then we went to the shabbat service at the synagogue. Elena was pretty busy in the back of the synagogue...but she was pretty good! Saturday we went to the park, then while Elena slept Deedee and I went to Whole Foods (and Friday we fit in a Trader Joe's visit! Chris says that not everyone bases vacations around interesting grocery stores, and will immediately tell everyone the story about Publix. If you don't know it, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to share!) Sadly, I left my new bay leaf herb plant there, so I'll have to track down another one. Saturday afternoon we walked around really interesting stores all over Decatur, and I wrote a million ideas and recipes all over a bag of goldfish since I forgot my journal! We cooked dinner at their house Saturday night, and for dessert we had a "tasting" of 6 kinds of mini vosges bars! Amazing-I love those! Sunday morning we left early to visit Cliff and Pam in Rome, GA on our way back, particularly since Cliff is the interim worship minister there. We got lost, and then finally found the church.
First Baptist Church of Rome.
Which is not where Cliff works.
We found this out after walking in and seeing about ten people, then asking the minister. It's West Rome Baptist. After getting there 25 minutes late, we did manage to see Cliff lead several songs. He did do a good job from what we could see-and I have to say, it was kind of crazy to see him up there in front of hundreds and hundreds of people. I was super disappointed that we missed the first song since it's one of my favorites (hallelujah-your love is amazing-I don't know the real title), but luckily, they sang it again at the end! It was a massive church, but we did find them (Cliff and Pam) at the end. And, Leni went to nursery! Aren't I brave? She had a good time until the end when other parents beat us there to get their kids. We had a pager for her, though. Not exactly like Christ Chapel...:) We picked up lunch and had a nice two hours or so visiting. It's been a pretty busy week since then, so we are glad that this weekend looks pretty quiet! Okay, pictures from last weekend.
At the park-Leni and Chris playing. At breakfast Saturday morning-I forgot to mention this-it was a really neat place that we walked to. Again, so jealous that they have such great food so close! Leni looked funny leaning back in her chair!

At one of the toy stores Saturday

She loved this puppet, and Deedee and David surprised us by going back and getting it! Super cute. She loves puppets, and understands how they work and likes to put her own hand in.
The cutest puppy at the park. Leni was super into puppies this week. She's started doing this thing where she rubs her fingers together to say "come here". This also applied to ice cream and biscuits and puppies and many, many other things this weekend. In fact, when she got a piece of biscuit, she laid it in her lap and clapped for it before eating it. She's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Sliding with Deedee and David
How Chris spent part of his time at the park. I must say, Tappans, Elena might have lots of my side's physical characteristics, but she's all Tappan as far as her fearless-ness, need-to-climb-on-everything. I quit worrying about it and bought bandaids with neosporin already built in.

Night time bottle with Deedee. I don't think I've mentioned before, but we bought new bottles after all kinds of info came out about plastics in baby bottles, pacis, sippy cups, and teething rings. I am always hesitant about these things, because everything you read about will cause cancer, ADD, and autism. But, California has already banned these plastics, Whole Foods won't carry them and only carries these bottles that we use, my doctor's office had articles about it on the bulletin boards in every patient room, and even my mom has heard about it now. I pass the info on to everyone I know having babies, but if you read this and want the info, email me at aksprinkle@gmail.com.
Elena's favorite toys are always not-toys. For instance, satsuma oranges that were super juicy by the end of our trip...
We went Saturday afternoon to visit David's mom and Grandma, and Elena liked the dog's beds. She crawled in there completely on her own.
Elena and David playing with the bigger dogs
This is Saturday after shopping-I think it looks posed, almost. Mostly, she was tired.

Visiting Cliff and Pam-she used their rug as her "snack mat".
Reading with Uncle Cliff.
And Aunt Pam-whoever will hold a book and let her look, she'll sit forever!
She liked Aunt Pam's shoes and kept trying to put them on and walk. Probably because Pam has tiny feet and they looked like they might fit!
She LOVED this papasan chair-she rolled all over it. And, these stuffed puppies that she "called" numerous times, then just drug around behind her.

She has become ridiculously sweet with her babies. This is while we were unpacking Sunday night, and she entertained herself completely by "changing" the babies. She got out her diaper changing pad and laid it on the floor, got a baby doll, laid it down, wiped it with wipes from her container, and got really frustrated when she couldn't get the diaper on it, so brought it to me for help. I've since gotten her some tiny diapers for her dolls that work much better. So sweet!

That's all for this week! We had a great trip, but it's nice to be home too. We've already had the girl scout initiation night, so I'll post pictures of that next week.


David and Samantha said...

It is always nice to come home. Busy as usual. Glad that you guys had such a nice trip! What a good post!