good news, and our week!

Monday, April 21, 2008

First things first, I wanted to let you all know that we got results from Elena's EEG today, and they are normal! We are so thankful and had lots of tears on the way home from Louisville today! She goes to the doctor tomorrow for her regular 15 month check up, so I can get any other info I need to, but the nurse called to say...NORMAL! Thank you for your prayers-I was really afraid that we wouldn't have such good news and am so praising God that it is good! After a lot of fear before we started really asking for prayers-we could really feel the peace that was prayed over us. We appreciate your prayers and concerns more than you will know!

And, now for some pics from the week! It's been busy since last Saturday, to say the least! Saturday was the Barn Dance from church, and Chris came in either second or third with his chili-we still aren't sure! Here's Abby Wallace pushing Emily Edwards on the neat swings in the Anderson's yard-Emily and Leni are two days apart. Leni and Daddy looking at chickens

Mama and Leni petting the horse-well, mama anyway!
Just that day the Andersons had gotten two baby pot bellied pigs-they were so tiny and squeaky!

Elena clapping for the baby pigs and calling them to her...I seem to think that baby pigs aren't really called piglets-isn't that right Becca?
While Chris and I danced, Scott Robinson got some practice in as grandfather to a baby girl-since his is due in July!
Leni "dancing"
Chris's group later in the night-you can't tell, but everyone else's group is dancing while his tries to figure out what's going on!

Friday we went to Mt. Washington to see Chris's parents and grandmother. Here's Grandma, Susan, and Leni on the porch swing.
Walking with Grandpa-I love these behind-walking shots
Tiny baby birds-when we first got there, only two had hatched and there were three eggs left. The next day, there were four hatched and one egg. We forgot to check Sunday.
Looking at the baby robins
Walking with Nana and Grandma

Not wanting to smell the pretty flowers.
She's big into pointing right now-especially if she finds some random stranger that she likes and smiles at-she'll immediately point out all of the people around that she knows, kind of like "there's my mama, there's my daddy, there's....whoever she knows". Cute.
Playing in the sand at the playground.
Tappan boys climbing, as always.
My attempt at an arty-shot with the shadows of the jungle gym.

Leni not liking see-sawing.

Swinging-as usual, she loves it and never wants to get down, but also doesn't smile.
My grandmother was in Louisville this weekend also getting ready to help my uncle move to Knoxville, but it ends up that she'll be there over a week. Mom came up with the idea for Chris to drop off me and Leni to keep her company and she drove up last night and stayed and brought us back today. It was a good visit, and I think Gigi was glad for the company. This is mom and Leni watching cartoons this morning-Leni wanted to blanket up around her neck and her arms under it.
Kissing a horse downtown
Playing in fountains with Mimi-she loves water. I have to be careful when watering my plants or she'll soak herself.
Shame on me, I didn't get a single picture of Leni with Gigi. But, she's coming to Knoxville in a couple of days, so I'll remedy that. Mostly, when we were out of the hotel and I was with just Gigi, I was carrying Leni, so there is a reason... Elena has started doing super cute things-she still is mooing, and today she was kissing my hand and her baby dolls and her own foot...cute. She loves music and to dance, and has gotten very opinionated now that she can shake her head (well, whole body) for "no". We are having to learn not to ask questions when she doesn't have a choice. Today we went on a cigarette stomping walk-every cigarette butt we passed she wanted to step on it, since that's what I do so that she won't pick them up. Now, she thinks that's what you do with cigarettes! Goofy girl... She is the sweetest thing!


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David and Samantha said...

That pig was tiny!! Cute pics as always. I am glad you got some good family time in and many praises for your normal news!!

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