15 months

Sunday, April 27, 2008

We've spent lots of time outside since it's been prettier this week. These are from the other night when Elena and Daddy were "helping" me put out plants.

Sitting on the big tree stump in our yard.

Elena and Jack escaping
Helping mama with the seedlings
She LOVES the water hose, and this is the first time I've let her get completely soaked by it.

Reading "cuteoverload.com" again.

Wednesday we went to baby class and met Avery afterwards, but ran into Rhea and Emmett while we were waiting. They're three weeks apart. Emmett is super sweet and wanted to hug Elena, and this was her response!
Got her!
Mimi got a "cozy coupe" and she's had lots of fun playing with it this week since we've been over quite a bit to see Gigi and Steve.

Chris took this picture to show how high Dad's grass was-he's super anal about his grass usually, and has cut it twice in two days since this picture was taken!

Trying to climb out of the front of the cozy coupe
Being adventurous at the playground at the mall.
Friday night we met Mimi, Poppy, Cami, Avery, and Nathan at the Dogwood Arts parade.
Mimi and Cami
Poppy and Leni
Cami and Nathan

Playing chicken?
Both trying to stand in one chair at Downtown Grill and Brewery
Singing If you're happy and you know it....again
We both had veggie burgers that came with guacamole, which Elena LOVED very much! She dipped fries in it and licked it off, then gave up and ate it with her hands and licked the container!

I've got lots more pictures for this coming week already, so I'll try to post again this week!


David and Samantha said...

The picture of her in the grass is so sweet. She looks so pretty in her white dresses.