our week-15 1/2 months

Monday, May 05, 2008

Last week was the shower for Samantha and Kaori. Here are a few pictures...
Alison and Kaori Samantha opening gifts-she got several orange things. Welcome to Tennessee, I guess!

Some of the hostesses
A sad Kaori!

Elena trying to climb in my lap
Being "gentle" with Mrs. Casey's foxes.
Elena and Mimi checking out Kaori (and her mama!)
My uncle Steve is visiting my parents, and Elena is quite the fan of his dog, Maggie.

Gigi came to visit too, but got sick so had to enjoy watching Elena from a distance.
Catching bubbles!
She likes to ride in the cozy coupe, but she also likes to push it.
Reading with uncle Steve at the Rush playground last week
Helping uncle Nathan open his birthday present (a golf club)!

At a Half Handed Cloud concert at Tomato Head Tuesday.
Helping mama figure out how to single-handedly put up a tent for market

Her new fvorite thing-play-doh!
Playing with Poppy in the backyard

following Cami-well, everywhere

Godsisters matching drinks
Playing in the playhouses being auctioned off at the market Saturday.
She loves to find laundry-dirty laundry, unfortunately, and put it on herself. Before my dirty shirt, she had underwear, but this seemed photo-acceptable!
She loves to brush her teeth!


David and Samantha said...

Thanks for posting pics from my shower! How nice. That is a good thing that she likes to brush her teeth! The picture of her with Poppy is really cute!