mothers day and the week

Friday, May 16, 2008

We found a great new park that has play equipment in Elena's size, and baby swings. This is the first tube slide she could do alone. Playing with daddy

She LOVES water fountains-they kind of gross me out, to be honest.
On Mother's Day at the mall-a little unsure of the giant bear.
Very sure, however, that she liked the Victoria's Secret puppies.
Playing at the Rush playground

Her first in mall ride on one of those put in a quarter (or in this case, a dollar) rides
She loves Jack's cat food and isn't allowed to touch it, so she was thrilled when I let her use a giant slotted spoon to stir the old and new food together.
Mom let her have her first ice cream sandwich. A hit, I think.
Amy Simmerman's birthday party-we got seated outside, which was great for letting a one year old run around.
Chris let me sleep in a little for Mother's Day, then we went to Panera and church. He and Elena got me flowers, chocolate (which is always good), and a necklace that is the same as the one I got in Moldova that I lost that I loved! Except, this one was a little bigger and a locket. Pretty good! I've worn it every day, and there's a tiny picture of me and Elena last Mother's day in it. I'll have to post a picture. After her nap, we went to the mall (since it was raining), then met the rest of my family for dinner at Abuelo's. A great day!
On another note, anybody need a kitten? I dropped by work yesterday to pick something up, and found a five week old black and white kitten. Oddly, this kitten has a deformity and also only has one eye! How many people HAVE a one eyed cat and FIND a one eyed cat? Sigh. I don't know what we're going to do with it. Really, if anyone is can have it. It's sweet as can be.


The Luchauers said...

Jack has a friend now! Maybe you should just keep it :) Sounds like a wonderful mother's day for a wonderful mother! We'll miss you guys this weekend.