17 months

Monday, June 23, 2008

Elena is really into dressing herself-just with things that aren't her clothes! She likes to wear ours and spends quite a bit of time a day trying to put things on-our shoes, clothes for later that are two sizes too big for her, and silly hats! At Kenny Smith's birthday last week-he was trying to get her to lick the speed racer car off the cake, but her daddy had to show her what was good about that!

Loving the Smith's dog, Anne, who is very tolerant.

On Father's Day, I put her hair in pigtails for the first time. She looked giant!
Riding in the cozy coupe with Aunt Avery's help
We helped with the new rootclip.com video Tuesday, and this is Leni running down a big hill to her daddy. She only ran 5 feet of the big hill, but did have a sad tumble later that night that ended with a neurotic mama calling every medical person I could find... (she's fine now...)
Cami got a new kitten that's living at mom and dad's for now, and it is the cutest thing ever. And, likes Elena.
We went to Townsend with Mom, Dad, Ave, and Nate on Saturday, and Mom, Elena, and I went to the Y while everyone else went bike riding. The rocks were sharp, and I was glad I'd brought swimmy shoes for her. She's pretty fearless! Swimming lessons are next...

Walking on the rocks with Mimi.
Catching fireflies with daddy

Playing with Elmo (the kitten) in the RV.

Talking to the kitty-she did say "hi kitty" and earlier she said "hey puppy" to Avery's new neighbor's pit bull puppy-who was so cute it made us all want one.
"smiling" when daddy told us to-it's her "happy and you know it" smile, but no real one!
Loving on her own kitty
We were both busy, and she wanted to be read to, so we asked her to read to her baby. She sat it down and read, which made both of us stop what we were doing and watch!


David and Samantha said...

Her personality is really coming out as she gets older! What fun to watch.