Name that baby

Sunday, June 29, 2008

We are having a hard time coming up with a name for a boy, which is what everyone seems to think this one will be. For the question I know will come next, if it's a girl, her name will be Celia Maeve and we'll call her Maeve. But, we've gone back and forth for a boy, and still don't have a consensus. We were trying again today, going through books, and this is the list that we came up with (see poll on right). Like Chris said, we aren't going to go with what is chosen just because it's chosen, but if you have a reason, leave a comment and let us know. The poll is just for fun, and we thought it'd be interesting to see what people chose, since none are really common names. Jonas Quinn was our name forever, but since it turns out to be a Stargate character, it's off the list in that format. Keep in mind that if it is a boy, it'll probably be on the shorter side (from both of us, unfortunately), and pretty thin if he takes after his daddy. And, it has to be a name that will grow with him. Later, maybe we'll have a middle name poll since it has to be able to stand on it's own, so if he's ever a musician, artist, or owns a company, he can use his own name. Elena Gray, for instance, could be any of those. Alright, vote, vote away.


Veta said...

I couldn't get the vote to work. I love Silas but Matthias is great also. All of them are sweet.Or the boy word of --- what is a good descriptive boy word?

The Anderson Family said...

I couldn't get it to work either. Matthias is my top choice, but I really like Silas too.

By the way, I think it is a girl. ;)

Clan Cox said...

...could it be that the most exquisite little girl I've ever seen has grown even cuter in a matter of weeks? That chef hat just KILLS me.

And (worked for me), I had to put in my vote for "Sol," not least of all because I'm so deeply bummed that "Dakota" didn't make the cut...


(Hey,, why not try that for a middle name? "Solomon Pax" - it's got, like, Fortune 500 written ALL over it.)