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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First, I know that for whatever reason, if you don't have a blogger account, it won't let you vote on the blog. There isn't any way for me to change that, so if you want to vote and can't, just leave a comment or email me (aksprinkle@gmail.com). We do think it's interesting that everyone is voting on two so far, though.

This week Cami spent the night one night, and we all went to see the Everybody Fields at Sundown. It was a good show, and the girls had fun playing. Elena pretty much adores Cami and follows her everywhere, and Cami is a pretty good sport about it.

Dancing in the park Elena dancing while Cami rode on Chris's back. She was a hit with the people sitting around us-she really got into dancing.
I took her bathtub out so that she and Cami could take a bath together, and she was very interested in it being on the ground. She also kept trying to put it back in the tub.
We finally ordered a play kitchen for her (the one at Target that we wanted was discontinued) and it's shipped but isn't here yet. But, just to practice, we got out the chef outfit I got her. She is VERY into dress up right now.
At the park-maybe Saturday? She found this old stump and climbed in. She was pretty cute sitting in it.

Chris did that "dad" thing with the swing-where you push them high and run under it (my dad did it, at least), and she thought it was hilarious. Then he did this, which was also hilarious.
One of the vendors gave me a couple of fresh peaches, and here she's licking the juice off her arm.
Reading to herself
I taught her "cheers" yesterday (for the second time, actually-we'd just forgotten to do it for awhile) and after she "cheered" with us, she would clink two teacups together and "cheer" herself. Cute.


David and Samantha said...

You guys are enjoying the summer! That is nice. All the pics are so good...as usual. That is interesting about the name. By the way... when we got home Sunday night, Kaori was sleeping!

The Luchauers said...

I love the pics :) My favorite it is the chef hat. BTW, I totally voted for SILAS. Love it!