at the beach

Thursday, July 17, 2008

After the party, we went to Gulf Shores. Elena had a super time in the sand and water-the child is virtually fearless!
Pam came up with the great idea of having a little pool under the canopy so she didn't get burned. It was a hit!
On our morning walk in our pajamas-we met this little dog named Tino. She saw him and said "play?". So, we did.

Sitting in the waves with mama and daddy. FYI, we both had to buy swimsuits because neither of us have owned one since we've been married, at least. And, mine is maternity, of course. Lovely. (we're going to the beach in September too, so I figured it was a worthwhile investment).
Trying on Grandpa's scuba flippers
She LOVED the swimming pool, and got very fearless jumping off the side to mama.
Chris attempting to see if he could bury himself

Sweet beach girl covering her legs like daddy!

Making a shark with a movable "tongue"

She decided she liked her sunglasses on this trip
She much prefers daddy wear the flippers than her.
Climbing up the sand mountain built on Uncle Cliff (with Aunt Pam's help)
Watching the water with Grandpa and Nana

She liked to fill the bucket, then carry it somewhere to dump it

Kicking the ball Ms. Kay brought to play with.
Jumping in the waves with daddy and Nana
Testing out the water with mama


David and Samantha said...

Looks like such a fun trip! How cute that she is so fearless. Keeps you on your toes, I am sure!