Grandma's birthday and a few from the week

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This week we went to Meridian for Chris's Grandma's 90th birthday party, then to Gulf Shores for a beach trip. I've started 3 posts for the giant number of pictures, so get ready.

Here are a few from the previous week, before we left on our trip.
Elena saying "ta da" because she managed to get both feet in her box. She's started to really talk more. She says "there it is" (as one word), "play", "whee", "uh-oh", "please", "um" (when you ask a question, like she's thinking of a response), "hmm" (when looking for something), pseudo-counts to three (hmm, whoo, free) when she's going to jump, and I'm sure I"ve missed a few. She said "thank you" today when prompted, so that's good. She's about as cute as she can be. Loving on Ms. Amber's kitties before we went berry picking.

Trip to Meridian-we had a surprise party for Grandma and took pictures of everyone who came for a scrapbook. Here are a few.

Elena and John (there are more of Elena than Grandma, but I was in charge of pics!)

Leni and the guest of honor
Very into the giant mirror
Making faces in a mirror with daddy
Family picture

Whole group picture

Helping Grandma open presents
Chasing Aunt Vernie's cat, Slider.
Flying an airplane around the house, saying "whee". Don't know where she learned it.

And, on to the next post!