Berry picking!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yesterday we went to pick blackberries at the Fruit and Berry patch. Elena had a fantastic time and was so funny. It was pouring before we got there, and drizzling most of the time we were there. Nice to not have lots of other people, but a little messy! Her favorite thing was walking in the puddles, and she loved picking berries and eating them!

Since it was raining, I couldn't use my camera, but Sonya had hers and was nice enough to send on the pics!
Playing in puddles Sonya and Amber went with us (from small group)
Ta-da! Very messy!
She sampled the fruit quite a few times.
On the porch while mama bought our berries.

Blackberries are delicious, but tart!

Happy dirty girl!

She's such a water baby! I didn't add any pics from the week since there were only three, but we have a lot going on this weekend/week-probably enough for several posts!


Julie said...

Those pics are priceless!! That Elena is the CUTEST thing ever!! I'm glad y'all are all doing well!! Sorry about your kitty!!