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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's been a little while since I posted, so here are some random ones. We've just kind of been around the last little while, nothing too major going on.

One from first Friday a couple of weeks ago. This is her new backpack/leash. I never approved until I had her. Here, she's looking for the kitties that live in Vagabondia. We look for them every week, but they never really like her to find them. She had a good time having mama put bows in her hair. Less good of a time having mama take them out.
The first Monday of the month, Magpies has a sampling of their three signature flavors for the month, and you can go try a mini one of each and vote. It's from 12-5, for those of you who are curious. This month's flavors were Creamsicle, Hummingbird, and Reese cup. She's about to try the Reese cup, which I thought we'd both like and neither one did. Hummingbird won in both our book. She tried to grab another, in fact.

We were the only ones there, so she ran around a good bit. Lots of windows to look through.

Since we're expecting another girl, I've been sorting clothes into sizes and seasons. I'm in nesting mode even though Maeve's arrival is at least 4 months away. Elena loves putting on clothes, so even though it was 95 outside, she got into the sweaters.
She's reading The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience (I don't know how to underline on blogger) by Ron Sider. It flips nicely.
She loves a game where we pretend to be asleep, and she wakes us up. Just this week, she figured out that she could pretend to be asleep and be woken up, but she just can't bear to actually close her eyes and not look at you. Here is her pretend sleeping face.
A new favorite game that daddy taught her that will probably come back to bite us...playing driving in the car. She particularly wants to wear a seat belt and have someone sit beside her.

That's it for this last week. We have several more interesting things coming up, so maybe we'll actually have something to post soon, rather than just random Elena-ness.


The Anderson Family said...

Josephine and Nathan have their "driving" games too!

David and Samantha said...

As long as she is having fun, whatever works! I bet you are having a good time looking back at all those tiny baby clothes! It is always fun!