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Friday, August 01, 2008

This post has pictures from left on the camera from the last three weeks, so bear with me.

This was my sister-in-law Pam with her "salad" at the place that throws rolls in Gulf Shores. The "plate" it's on is bread. Trying on hats at the souvenir shop
Riding daddy's new bike-a favorite pasttime of both

Finally, a picture with her new kitchen!
A crazy morning...
Her newest thing is to put something in place (baby in high chair, blocks...here it was two chairs and a baby in one), grab your hand, and take you to "show" you what she's done. She'll tell you all about it in gibberish too. Sweet.

A picture of her big sister shirt. She wasn't too excited that everyone saw her and started exclaiming-too much commotion that she didn't understand, I guess.

Last Friday was Cami's preschool graduation. She had a good time singing all the songs, and eating ice cream afterwards!

Elena took my hand the other day and had me get her pillow, blanket, and Harriet out of her bed, then directed me to the couch where she pointed to where she wanted them. She got it all set up the way she goes to bed, at about 10 in the morning and on the couch where she never sleeps. She was pretty proud that she'd directed so well, though.

This week was a big one for our family-Avery's husband Nathan decided to get baptized! We have all prayed for years, and were so excited to get to help celebrate Nathan's decision. Grant Standefer who was the preacher at Farragut for years and married them came to the lake to baptize him. Here are a few pictures-as a story for how excited everyone was-Doug Nemeth was at dinner and had ordered, found out about Nathan's baptism, cancelled his order, and came to the lake! I think it's a pretty neat story for how excited everyone was to share with him!

Afterwards, most of us went to mom and dad's for dinner and some hanging out time. The family stayed later, of course. And, luckily, late enough for the red velvet cake that they'd forgotten to get out for everyone else! Cami and Elena had some good time reading with Uncle Nathan.

That's all for now, though I'm posting this after we've just gotten back from First Friday, so I already have more for next week!


David and Samantha said...

WOW!!! I am so happy for your family. The pictures you captured of the baptism are wonderful. Congratulations to Nathan and Avery!

The Luchauers said...

How awesome! We are celebrating in our hearts with Nathan as he gives his life to Jesus. What a wonderful thing.

The crazy hair pic of Elena is my favorite!

Love you guys,