A picture post, finally.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here are a few from the last couple of weeks. I've been super tired with Leni, baby, and market and have just been a slacker.

Elena's new favorite after-bath game-getting IN her pillowcase. After she gets out of the bath, gets lotion all over for her eczema, and gets a diaper, she plays in her bed for twenty minutes or so which is mama's get-ready/clean-up the house time. This is her new favorite activity, and she's happiest when she can get Harriet in there too. Dress up shoes-$2 at target. They're real shoes, but I hate those dress up shoes with the clunky plastic heel. Too dangerous. She likes to put these on herself, and usually puts them on the wrong feet.
Being mama with her baby.

Last week at market-Aunt Avery and Uncle Nathan hadn't seen much of her lately, so they came to hang out. Elena likes puppies.
I returned dad's fax machine the other day, but this was her fun game in the meantime. She looks smart.
Playing in mama's moby wrap for Maeve. It's 5 1/2 yards of fabric...
This is her second tiny apple-we went to one market on Friday to get vegetables for Saturday, and a vendor gave her a little apple which she ate straight through. She didn't know about the core, I guess. I caught her before she ate too much of it, though! She got another at market, and has had another since.
Mom, Dad, and Cami came to visit at the market yesterday, and Cami got her face painted at one of the booths. They do really neat paintings.

One of the vendor's dogs had 9 puppies, and they brought two to let people see and maybe take home. They were ridiculously adorable. Cami and Elena liked them very much, also.
Last night was Pesto Festo. They've just started a Slow Food chapter in Knoxville, and this was their second event. It was at the farm of a vendor that we know, and was catered by most of our favorite Knoxville restaurants. We knew quite a few people there, but spent quite a bit of time with our friends with kids. Elena learned to say "chicken", and already knew "bok bok" so she's had fun putting them together. She was practicing in the car on the way to Panera this morning before church. She also already knew "pig" and learned "oink" last night, and was working on those. She's become much more vocal lately. Her favorite word this week is "yeah", which sounds funny from someone so little. I know, it should be "yes", but we say "yeah" anyway. And, it's a happy little "yeah". She was also practicing "Mimi", "Poppy", and "Cami" in the car, which she really got down this weekend. She's also started "asking" for certain songs by starting the hand motions, which is cute. A little distracting when you're trying to change her or get her dressed or to eat, but sweet.
I digress... Here, she and daddy are looking at chickens.
We went on a tour of Eric and Nicole's farm. Not that Elena and I heard a word of it-we were in the back with the rocks.

This is Elena's friend Wren-she goes to our baby class and comes to market, so we've gotten to know her parents pretty well too. She's super affectionate, which is funny since Elena is so not affectionate with others. She's been around Wren enough now, though, that she tolerates it pretty well, and has hugged her back once or twice. And, actually, has hugged other kids at church, which I'm sure is thanks to Wren.
Elena and Chris looking at the sheep in the barn on our walk.
They had two pigs who were so cute, which they then talked about "harvesting" next year. Kind of sad for Piggly and Wiggly.
Sarah and Tom's little boy, Huck, pushing Elena in the car. They both wanted in it, actually, and weren't sure about the whole "taking turns" thing. Huck's sister, Lily, is off to the side. Huck and Lily's (and Roan) mom is Sarah, who was one of Chris's really good friends in college. We'd kind of lost touch, and now she's in the holistic mom's group and comes to market, so we see quite a bit of her, which is fun. Elena and Huck are fairly close in age, and pretty similar in personality-both unsure of new people! Just fun to watch.
Elena and daddy right before we left. We had a nice time at the farm just playing and running around with other kids. And, eating delicious food. Anything that ends with Magpies cupcakes has to be good!

Okay, that's it for now. This week is my birthday, so I've got some fun things planned for me and Elena to do through the week, and then Sunday is Boomsday, which I'm sure Chris won't be able to talk his way out of! I love Boomsday! So, more pictures of actual events and not just Elena randomness, since we've done less since I'm so tired. I guess I'll just have to nap!


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Betsy said...

Hey! Eczema? Cullen suffers terribly (he was hospitalized last winter with a strep infection from the open wounds) Anyway, what have you found that works? We are using Cervae soap and cream but also have a RX steroid for bad flare ups (which I Hate, but it seems to work, we've only had to use it 2x thankfully) Just wondering if you had any tips to swap as we head in to winter and rough times ahead!