A very busy week!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Looking back through the pictures, this has been a very busy week! Last Sunday we went to Marble Slab with our small group, and Elena had a big time playing with Ms. Sonya. She did this on her own-drug her rocking chair to the door to look out, then got her baby and was rocking her and kissing her. She's a sweet girl.
We went to Sprout Studios for the first time last week because parents got in free after 3 and I had a coupon for her. She loved it-it's like all the centers you might have at preschool, but on a larger scale and in one big room. She kept going back to the water area.

Drinking (a tiny bit) of water at the cafe area. She did spill it, but she also helped clean it up.
Pushing her stroller after baby class on Wednesday at Starbucks. It kept her entertained.
Driving the cutest car in Bliss. It's the most non-practical toy-the pedals would be almost impossible to use, but it's cute for a picture!
We joined the Little Gym this week (thanks to my mom and dad!) and Elena LOVED it-she cried when we left. It's not the class we'll be in, we'll go on Mondays, but it had already started so they let us make up a couple.
Here, she's hanging from the bar and swinging.

At the end, they get out a trash can full of balls and they run around like crazy.
Catching bubbles, which she can say now. She can also, as of this week, say and identify "star", "purple", and says "thank you" without being asked.
Last year I gave all our moms and dads some kind of pottery piece with her handprint, then went on my birthday to do one so I'd have one too! It makes a nice tradition, so we did it again this year. She's "helping" me by painting water on a piece of paper.
Being very gutsy on the Rush play equipment in the mall outside the pottery painting place.
Waving while she rides the merry-go-round. She only likes the ones with a steering wheel!

She put her shoes on herself, and was VERY proud, though you can't tell here. What you can tell, if you look closely, is that they're on the wrong feet.
Aunt Avery came over to visit, and while I couldn't get a good shot, Elena was playing with her very diamond-y engagement ring. It was too sparkly to pass up!
So proud! She built this entirely by herself. It was much bigger, until I tried to take a picture and she dropped part of it. Her daddy was very into blocks when he was little, too.
For my (29th!) birthday we had brunch at La Costa. So amazing. We were the first ones, so it took a little while for them to get our food out, but Leni had a good time running around the outside area.
My birthday cake.

Playing chase with Uncle Nathan. We had dinner at Naples and came back to our house for cake and presents.
Last night was Boomsday, which is a great use of the RV! Dad parks it and we have a place to rest in air conditioning and go to the bathroom (which, considering my current pregnant state, is often...)
Elena was practicing driving.
Aunt Avery took my camera to play with Elena, and was taking very close shots and showing them to her, but this one came out pretty cute!
A similar shot of Cami
So happy to have people to play ring around the rosie with!

"We all fall down!"

Uncle Nathan with both girls-being kitties, I think?
Elena demonstrating what Cami is about to do....(jump!)
Cami bungee jumping at Boomsday!
She was too little to jump hard enough to flip all over, but she did get over a few times!

Looking at the bubbles with daddy
Cami and Poppy on the horse ride
Elena NOT getting on that horse. They did give our money back...
Elena liking the animals with mama, but not touching those goats, thanks. She did clap for the cow.
Walking through Boomsday.
Cami on the blow up toys-they had a whole area of them
She didn't love the fireworks, but didn't cry. She did shake her head "no" randomly at them.
Asking where they were when they stopped
Poppy, Mimi, and Cami
In the RV after the fireworks, washing off their feet in the tub.

That's all for this week! It's a lot! Nothing much going on this coming week, so I probably won't post again until mid-September! Have a happy Labor Day!


David and Samantha said...

That is a busy week! She is a smart, sweet girl. Hope you are feeling well, despite the heat.

The Anderson Family said...

Were you at home at all last week? You all certainly were busy! Happy belated birthday!