Our week

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This week we went to the first of the fall Books and Blooms at the UT Arboreteum because they were having zoo animals! Before we got there, I asked Elena if she wanted to see the animals and she asked "nay, nay?"-would we see horses? Amazingly, the girl with the animals did not carry a horse to the arboreteum-but she was still pretty impressed.

I also realized I haven't taken any pictures in the newest dress Susan made for her, so here's a close up. Because she had her name on her front, another lady approached me with her goddaughter, who was also named Elena with the same pronunciation! Her new baby sister is Sylvia, which is pretty close to Celia. I thought that was interesting. Looking at the owl-ever since, she'll turn her head like an owl and hoot
The hedgehog was the cutest thing. I don't know what sound a hedgehog makes, so we wrinkle our noses and sniff.
Smelling the flowers mama got at market Wednesday. They smelled amazing-I think the one that was really strong is called tuberose?

Saturday, Elena and Chris went to Huck and Lily's birthday party at the park while I went to our second-to-last market! Here they are getting ready to blow out the candles.
Leni eating cake-this is her first birthday party of a friend of hers-she went to Cami's, but that's a little different.
Eating an apple that she got for herself after market Saturday
Petting horses the other day with daddy-well, watching daddy pet horses
A man gave her a rose made out of a palm leaf. She liked it very much and kept smelling it

At the Paula Dean store
Playing in the park with Mimi
Throwing coins in the fountain
She loves to wear Poppy's extra hat in the car, and turns it so she can see.

Petting the alligator outside of the Crab Shack where we ate dinner
Crossing her arms-her newest favorite thing
Looking at the water with daddy
Posing outside of where we ate
Telling me about the tiny crabs that she and daddy saw on the dock-she makes this face and says "ohhh" when talking about anything little, tiny, or baby. It looks pained, but means something like "oh-sweet baby".

That's it so far-I'm sure I'll have more from the rest of our week and next week is both Cami and Fredda's birthday parties-so lots from that. Hope your week is going as well as ours!


David and Samantha said...

Love the sweet tiny baby face! How funny. As always, you guys look like you are having fun! Look forward to seeing you again....someday!

Evan & Teri-Lee James said...

It looks like you all are having fun on your trip! Wren liked her Enkutatash card very much - thank you! Evan and I laughed at the "ooh" face, because Wren does a similar thing when she sees a baby or something very small!