3 and a half months

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Technology has really been wearing me out lately. Our camera died, our computer died. Luckily, we have generous parents (both sides) who help us out with these things. We're borrowing my dad's computer until the one Chris ordered comes in. Elena, mom, and I are going to Texas on Friday, so we'll have lots to post then. Leni is meeting her uncle Nathan and great-grandparents (Gigi and Grandad) this weekend, and seeing her aunt Avery.

Elena has recently become interested in that kitty, and is petting him nicely here, instead of grabbing his hair like she usually is. Jack doesn't seem to mind at all. (note Chris's even shorter hair)
I've been trying to do lots of close ups of tiny hands, feet, ears, and eyelashes. I won't explain all of them...
She's regularly going from her tummy to her back, and is so, so close to being able to go back to tummy.

This is my current favorite picture. I love that she has her daddy's eyelashes...let's hope she has his metabolism too.

Today she was rolling as soon as you set her down, so I distracted her with the toy long enough to get a picture. Look at how much hair she has now! Still dark...we thought it would end up blonde, but it looks like it'll stay dark, with a reddish tint.

Chris said she looked like Elton John and sang some songs he thought might be Elton's while swinging her. These are Cami's glasses.
This dress was Susan's when she was small. I'm trying to get pictures of her in all the special dresses she has before she outgrows them all. You can see her diaper underneath-it's a fuzzi bunz. We just started using cloth diapers this week. Nothing like old school cloth diapers-these are very soft and have a pocket insert. We're still trying to learn when she's wet in them-I went through our entire stash (8) in as many hours...
Leni sucking her hand and rubbing her head, as usual.

This is last week at the final New City concert, which wasn't at New City. Chris helped out and Elena and I stayed to visit and watch the show. It was a really nice evening-we saw lots of people we worked with there, and lots of people who were regular performers who it was nice to visit with again. Elena is sitting in a big chair with sound check for Andrew Petersen going on in the background. He and Randall Goodgame have a new cd that's for kids, and we've been playing it all week.
Jack won't use his new scratching post, but Elena's workign on her claws. (which can absolutely do some damage...)
Cami, mom, and Elena in Poppy's new RV.

Sleeping with Mama. You can't see her left hand, but it's in my hair.