We had a busy weekend this week. Saturday was the first Farmer's Market (which we have a booth in this year-time to get rid of some of my books that have been living in the basement!) and Chris's brother Cliff and his wife Pam came to visit, and Sunday was (of course) Mother's Day. It was a lovely weekend. The house is showing some signs of our busy-ness, so I guess that's what I'll work on tomorrow!

This last week or so, Elena's really been starting to reach for things. She always reaches with both hands, but it's pretty cute to see her stare at something, then drop it and try to pick it up. She can almost put her pacifier back in her mouth-she gets it there, but just can't get the right end in. Her favorite things right now are her bla-bla doll (the flower doll in several pictures), her exersaucer, grabbing faces of us or a babydoll, anything red, and the mirror baby.

She loves her daddy's alarm clock numbers. I tried to get the pictures in order, but to no avail. Chris did a good job "helping" Elena with Mother's Day. He made pancakes while she and I slept in (she got up to eat at 6, but was asleep again by 7!) We went to church, then had a picnic at the UT arboreteum and he had the idea to take pictures of me and Elena. She was pretty tired, though, so we took a few and are going to try again another day. After her giant afternoon nap, we went to my parents' and went out for dinner with them. Here are a couple from the morning...

Chris, Leni, and the bla bla doll.

At the farmer's market Saturday-several people wanted to know how much I would charge for the baby-not for sale! (we learned a lot about setting up and sales on Saturday, so our booth will look better next week!)
Aunt Pam and the bla bla doll talk to Elena.
Uncle Cliff's hat is a little big! She does have a pretty big head, though, so we'll see how long until it fits!
Elena and Chris went to water the garden, and Leni came back with a souvenir.
This was from our nap today, actually. It's midnight now, but she and I took an accidental nap from 7-9:30, when Chris came home.

Last night. She was in a super good mood.
She reached for Mimi's mask yesterday afternoon. She also likes to drop things and try to get them, so you have to hold on to some things.
It's really too bad that there aren't sound effects when you click on this picture. She makes a really funny sucking noise-that thumb is just so little!
If you kiss her hands or feet, she keeps trying to put them in your mouth so you'll do it again. Poppy played along.

That's all for now. She does have vaccinations this Thursday, so keep us in mind. She had fever last time, which doesn't bode well for this time, as side effects tend to get worse with subsequent vaccinations. Also, our friends, Jason and Jess Edgerton, had their baby girl, Alexis Grace, Saturday. Jason was in Chris's MBA program in Philly, but they had gone to school at Lee University in Cleveland, TN, and Jess is a teacher, so we had a lot in common and hung out quite a bit that year. They are in Nicaragua, and the baby came early and had to have surgery for a blockage (I think-between her stomach and intestines), and the next couple of days are critical for her. Being a new mom, I guess this just hits harder than it would have before, and they've really been on my mind since I got their email with pictures of their beautiful girl. It was terrible enough when Elena had to be stuck to be checked for jaundice, and I can't imagine what they're going through right now. Please keep them in your prayers.