Fountain City park and Sundown

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another thing in her mouth-mama's business card Close up
Daddy came home and threw his shirt on her. She thought it was pretty funny.

Cami spent the night on Tuesday and we went to the Fountain City duck pond.
She thought it was pretty amazing that the ducks could eat the same bread she ate, so she'd ask if she could taste it before she threw it (every time she threw a piece)!

Trying out the action feature...
Chris is pretending to do a zip line...
Hanging out...
Leni's first trip down the slide-Cami won!

Leni gives lots of kisses which mostly involve opening her mouth, licking, and sucking.
We've always loved this sign. It's an Exxon, and it's full service. It used to say "we make keys", which is funny since they DON'T do so many things.
She wants to hold that silly camera!
Sundown in the City this week was the Avett Brothers. Mimi, Poppy, and Cami came down for part of the evening. Mimi fit in pretty well-she looked like a gypsy/hippie more than most people. Cami was running rings around her (literally).

Dancing with daddy.
Dancing with Mimi and Poppy.
Elena was enjoying the show.


thelittletons said...

I hadn't checked in awhile but was so gratified to see all these pics. Elena is really growing up- and it seems like you guys are pretty content back home. So glad!