8 months

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I added this picture later-I realized it got put in the wrong folder, but it means that I can't change the order. I include it because this week I am in "clean-out" mode. I went through the kitchen and made notes about what we have and need. And, cleaned out my spices and cabinets. This is my 8 month old playing with a spice I'm sure everyone has in their cabinets-cardamom pods. I entertained myself with this one...

This is my 60th post! That seems like a lot... Anyway, this was (thankfully) a pretty uneventful week, so not too many pics. Not to worry-this weekend is an RV trip with my parents to visit the Tappans in KY, and Grandma, so even if I didn't take a single picture, Susan would be sure to take plenty! Also, Avery and Nathan are moving home. So, pretty busy around here!

Elena is getting so big-while I was writing this I took another picture of her pulling up on Chris's guitar while he played. I was talking to the mom of a baby her age at church, and Emily's started crawling and sitting. She was saying how nice it was that she could move and sit independently now. As Chris told me later-give it another week or two. Then she'll pull up on anything that moves. For instance, Elena was standing today holding onto her cause and effect pop up toy, which is 6 inches tall. Also, all of her walker/push toys are newly dangerous because they move when she climbs them. It's fun, but lots lots busier. She is hilarious though-she has a great laugh and she gets so excited that she screams this really funny scream. She is a champion peek-a-boo player.

Okay, on to the pictures.

We bought some hats at Party City to play with. She doesn't love to wear them, but she does love for Daddy to wear them.
Since it was finally not 95 degrees, we really tried to get out this week. For those of you in Knoxville, the duck pond at Fountain City park is finally not so covered in people, and so the ducks actually come to you when you throw them bread. It is really fun.
She was pretty tired, but liked the swing ok.

Here is an example. When I held the walker still, she climbed all over it, and when I had her get down because I needed to move away, she got under it. She was pretty happy about it, though.

This week, our library class met at Market Square, and lots more people came than usual. It was really fun. This is a shot of all the people. As it turns out, the redhead girl in front of me taught at Spring Hill before I did, and we had met a couple of times. I didn't realize it when I took the picture.
Elena really likes the paper things they give out each week to move along with Ms. Linda. She generally tries to eat them...
Playing in the yard. My plants had died with all the heat, but when we went out to see them the other day, they look better. I had to pull out a lot of dead parts, but the basil is growing like crazy, and the tomatoes and peppers are coming back. No such luck on the rosemary and sage...
When I really can't put her anywhere else and I need to be in the bathroom, I sit her in the floor and give her a bag of Cami's barrettes. She dumps them all out and flings them around. Today I sat with her on the floor and "decorated" her. She didn't mind it until I had to take them out...oops.


David and Samantha said...

You guys stay pretty active, that is great! so, we will not be seeing you this weekend. Hope your trip good. I am glad to be getting back to small group! It is great to get together so often.