Going to the fair

Monday, September 17, 2007

This past Saturday we went to the fair with Mimi, Poppy, Avery, and Cami. Elena liked looking at all the busy-ness and lights and kids.
When we first started talking about having kids, Chris said he'd get me a baby duck so we could waddle together. I really did want one, but one bathroom isn't really condusive to baby ducks, so I didn't get it. But, I thought it was appropriate to have a picture of Leni looking at them... Cami and the goats
We rode the carousel-Avery with Cami, and me with Leni.

This is before it started-she's coughing/laughing at the rest of them.
And waving-which is so cute!

During the actual ride, she was pretty stoic. And, held on pretty tight.
Aunt Avery and Elena looking at rides.
The heat wave is broken, and it was pretty cool. I thought I was a pretty good mama to remember the jacket, but, her feet ended up freezing since I forgot socks! Oh well...
She is not so sure about hats, which I hope she'll get over since I've got several cute ones for winter.

Cami on the roller coaster.
Poppy and Leni.
Avery and Cami on the ferris wheel. These ferris wheels are so unsafe-other than that bar, there's nothing holding you in, and you could get out from under that bar.

Everybody eating. Our dinner consisted of roasted corn, hand cut chips, and funnel cake. And Elena's consisted of milk.

She loved playing peekaboo over the backseat with Mimi.

And, over the couch with Mimi. She really did crouch down behind the couch, which was so very adorable.

That's it for this week. This past week was fun, but we're ready for a slower week this week. Nothing big on the horizon, which is nice sometimes.


David and Samantha said...

What great pics of her playing peek-a-boo! I know you are excited to have your sister closer.

Ryan said...

This is Ryan, Samantha's sister. Your little girl is so sweet!!! She is definately a happy baby. Looks like she had a fun time at the fair...hope she slept well.

thelittletons said...

Such great pics- Elena is really growing up. As always it's fun to see what lies ahead. I especially like her playing peek-a-boo :-)